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The Amber Rose Show

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There’s a new female host breaking into late-night’s testosterone game, though the name may surprise you. Amber Rose — the stripper turned controversial feminist, who once dated Kanye West — will make her primetime debut on an upcoming self-titled, weekly VH1 talk show, which promises plenty of sass and an unapologetic take on trending topics. EW spoke with the 32-year-old about what she has in store for fans.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Be honest — did you ever expect to have your own talk show?

AMBER ROSE: I never really thought about it! When I came [on the scene], I was in a relationship with a famous guy [Kanye West]. Paparazzi would follow me, and I’d be like, “Yo, I’m not famous, I’m just with a famous guy.” When people would say, “You’re famous for no reason,” I’d say, “Yeah, I guess I am, but that’s not really my fault.” I realized at a certain point…I could never go back and be a normal girl again. So I started developing my management and said, “I might as well keep doing the best I can.” I’ve been offered a million reality shows by every network you can imagine, but I just waited for something that fit perfectly, and that was this talk show with [producer] Dr. Phil [McGraw].

How do you describe your hosting style?

It’s like half Conan O’Brien, half a female version of Howard Stern. I do a monologue and all that. I didn’t go to Harvard like Conan, so I’ve really had to study.

What types of segments are you most excited about doing?

If you know me, you know I’m very sex positive. We have a full segment of sex and relationship questions that are very extreme. Usually the questions we get from guys are like, “I kinda like this, but does that make me gay even if I don’t like guys?” Stuff like that. It’s a no-judgment zone. We’ll also have a segment on celebrity gossip…. I’ll go onto the street and talk to people, too.

You have a lot of celebrity friends. Are you afraid of burning any bridges with your commentary?

I’m not Wendy Williams. I’m not disconnected from this industry. I live it, so I’m never going to come from a bad place. That’s not what my show is about.

Will any of those friends show up?

We have a really cool lineup of celebrities. But I can’t tell you — it has to be a surprise.

Have you considered changing your signature look for primetime?

I might want to come out and switch things up a bit, but I’m not sure. I’ll probably stick to my bald head, for the simple fact that I hate hair. It bothers me. I’ve had my hair cut for 14 years — people don’t know that. I feel like I kind of lose my swag when I put hair on my head.

Any Oprah-level giveaways to come on The Amber Rose Show?

I’d love to give out dildos and throw them into the crowd. That would be f—ing epic.

How did you meet Dr. Phil, anyway?

I did a whole segment about slut shaming on The Doctors [in 2015]. He saw it and was like, “We need to do a show with this girl. She has something.” We just clicked. I get him, he gets me. He’s a mentor of mine. I like to consider him a male feminist, as well.

You’ve appeared in several skits with Amy Schumer on her Comedy Central show. What’s your relationship like?

Our conversations are extremely vulgar and disgusting, but in a really funny way. Like, extremely sexual acts that we probably have never done. That’s just our relationship. It’s always fun talking to Amy, because she’s just so ridiculous.

You’re known for publicly speaking out against slut shaming. How do you think that’s affected your career?

It’s definitely helped me. I don’t mind taking the punches and the criticism — I do it for other women. People think I go about it in a very controversial way, but life is controversial…. If you look at my Instagram bio, it says I’m a certified slut. If I’m a slut for dating and being single, fine, I’ll be that. I’m going to embrace that because I’m not going to let anyone hurt me, and I’m not going to let you hurt anybody else.

The Amber Rose Show premieres July 8 at 11 p.m. on VH1.

The Amber Rose Show

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