The YouTube stars' new show, 'Jack & Dean of All Trades,' debuts June 28

By Amy Wilkinson
June 25, 2016 at 07:43 PM EDT

If you’re itching to watch two Englishmen get in a sword fight with baguettes (not a euphemism), then you might want to click over to Fullscreen on June 28, when Jack & Dean of All Trades — starring YouTube artists Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs — debuts. 

The show follows the duo as they take on a different odd job (bakery employees, included) each episode.

“Most of the jobs are unsuccessful in one way or another,” Howard tells EW this week at VidCon in Anaheim, California. “The best thing about it is that we always chose jobs that were quite normal. We didn’t want to be like, ‘Jack and Dean are astronauts!’ in this because that’s already a bit strange and unusual, so we wanted to start in a place that was relatable so we could take it to a place where it’s a bit weirder.” 

Jack and Dean — who’ve been working with Ron Howard to develop another new show — can already claim a standout Jack & Dean of All Trades co-star in the form of Jessica Hynes (Doctor Who, Shaun of the Dead), but if their series is greenlit for a second season, the stars have already agreed on their dream collaboration: Daniel Radcliffe.

“He should be in more comedy!” Howard says.

“He’s really funny,” Dobbs agrees.

So if you’re reading this, Daniel, when you’re done with the farting corpse thing, it sounds like Jack and Dean might have a new odd job for you.

VidCon also marks the debut of Time Inc.’s new video platform, INSTANT, covering the lives and projects of all of your favorite digital artists. Check it out!