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Attack the Block

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June 25, 2016 at 05:37 PM EDT

Before John Boyega made it big in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he gained notoriety for a much smaller sci-fi film, Attack the Block. Written and directed by Joe Cornish, the film featured the actor as Moses, a boy who defends his South London neighborhood from aliens with the help of his friends. Nearly five years later, Boyega is teasing a reunion with Cornish for “something new.” 

“Saw Joe Cornish the other day,” Boyega tweeted on Saturday. “Yes. We are brainstorming. #somethingnew.” While this could mean any number of things, Cornish told IFC back in 2011 that Boyega keeps coming up with “amazing ideas” for a possible sequel to Attack the Block


“He has this image of a bigger alien attack on London, as if the attack we saw in Attack the Block was just the [first] wave and there’s another wave of bigger creatures,” he said (via Collider). “And he described to me this image of Moses leading a whole army of hood kids across the Thames, next to the houses of Parliament.” 

The director also admitted at the time that he’s been approached about “a remake,” “a sequel,” and “a TV show to spin off it.” 

Another possibility could be Section 6, Cornish’s passion project that hit some legal snags. Universal won a four-way bidding war for the script with Jack O’Connell set to star, but the film then became the subject of copyright infringement claims from MGM and James Bond rightsholder Danjaq. With the lawsuit settled, Wrath of the Titans screenwriter Dan Mazeau was reportedly enlisted. 

Meanwhile, Boyega’s schedule outside of Star Wars has been filling up. He’ll be seen opposite James McAvoy in a TV miniseries adaptation of Watership Down, in Kathryn Bigelow’s untitled film about the Detroit riots, on stage in Woyzek, opposite Emma Watson and Tom Hanks in The Circle, and fighting kaiju in Pacific Rim 2

Attack the Block

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