By Christian Holub
Updated June 24, 2016 at 12:14 PM EDT
Credit: ABC

This weekend’s VidCon is a gathering of content creators from all over the internet. Naturally, Jimmy Kimmel used the opportunity to have them all read Mean Tweets.

Perhaps because internet stars are so much more used to dealing with hateful comments than the average celebrity, many of them had a quick reply for their haters. Mamrie Hart, for example, talked back to one user’s “eat a d—” insult. “Sorry, I had a big lunch,” she said.

When Jus Reign read his error-filled tweet — “Non of his videos has popped quit,” one user wrote in part — he immediately joked, “I think this guy’s having a stroke.”

Not even VidCon founders Hank and John Green were immune from the vitriol. “I stumbled upon a Hank Green video,” wrote one fan. “And it was the most annoying thing I have ever clicked on. And I thought his brother was a douche.”

Tyler Oakley, meanwhile, got one that he managed to laugh off. Watch it all go down in the video below.

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