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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s mission to bring diversity to Broadway is “Non-Stop.”

On Thursday, during a sitdown with Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, Miranda discussed the diversity and inclusion at this month’s Tony Awards; the show highlighted such productions as The Color Purple, Eclipsed, Shuffle Along, and Miranda’s Hamilton, and all four musical acting awards went to people of color.

“I think our incredibly, amazingly diverse Tonys season that just ended was a fluke,” said the Tony winner. “The way Broadway works, there are three theater owners [Jujamcyn, The Shubert Organization, and the Nederlander Organization],” he explained. “And what’s ready to come in, what theater owners think will be profitable to come in, is all based on what those theater owners bring into their theaters.”

“There are shows that have been around for years waiting for a place to land, and there are shows that get great buzz and get a theater right away,” he went on, counting Hamilton as one of the lucky few.

But not all shows, especially those featuring diverse voices, make it to Broadway, Miranda notes. “That was a very nice contrast that happened this year,” he said. “[But] next year could be a very different year, depending on what comes in.”

The success of Hamilton, Miranda hopes, will open up the door to more diversity on Broadway.

“The exciting lesson that I hope people are taking away from Hamilton is that you don’t need a white guy at the center of things to make it relatable. Hamilton is a story very deliberately told to reflect what America looks like right now. We have every color represented,” he said. “And it’s making a killing. And that’s what makes sense to Hollywood.”

“I’ve actually heard from studio executives and people in charge in very high places saying Hamilton has changed their view of what they put on the schedule, and that makes me very happy,” he added.

Head to The Huffington Post to see the full clip from the Rockefeller Foundation, in which Miranda also discusses the importance of representing Latino voices in media.

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