Credit: Press Association via AP Images

J.K. Rowling weighed in on the Brexit debate earlier this week, when she urged British citizens to remain in the European Union. After the results of the vote came in late Thursday night, confirming that the U.K. would leave the E.U., she tweeted, “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted magic more.”

Rowling continued in a string of tweets: “Scotland will seek independence now. [British Prime Minister David] Cameron’s legacy will be breaking up two unions. Neither needed to happen.” (Cameron announced he would resign after the Brexit results were revealed.)

Rowling then compared Brexiteers to “the cheating man shocked he can’t stay in the spare room for 2 years while he sorts himself out.”

In the Harry Potter scribe’s earlier plea to remain in the Union, she wrote, “No, I don’t think the EU’s perfect. Which human union couldn’t use improvement? From friendships, marriages, families and workplaces, all the way up to political parties, governments and cultural economic unions, there will be flaws and disagreements. Because we’re human. Because we’re imperfect. So why bother building these ambitious alliances and communities? Because they protect and empower us, because they enable bigger and better achievements than we can manage alone. We should be proud of our enduring desire to join together, seeking better, safer, fairer lives, for ourselves and for millions of others.”

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