By Dalton Ross
June 24, 2016 at 07:36 PM EDT
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Being the first has to be the worst — at least when it comes to being the first person booted off any reality show. That dubious distinction fell to 50-year-old New York City cop-turned-mobile dog groomer Glenn Garcia when he was the initial contestant eliminated from season 18 of Big Brother on Thursday, when he lost the first individual challenge to the rest of his teammates. We caught up with Glenn to get his thoughts on being first one out.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’re a super fan of the show. How hard is it to be eliminated first?

GLENN GARCIA: Devastating. It was something I didn’t expect and something that will haunt me for a long time. I have plenty of game left in me. If it wasn’t for that team concept… that was my demise because I wasn’t voted out. I wasn’t nominated. That is what hurts because I had built up good relationships and I do not think I would have been nominated.

Which is worse, being voted out by your housemates, or being sent out without even a vote?

The second, being sent out without even a vote. Being voted out, at least that is the game and I came to play the game.

While they were reviewing the footage to see who won the challenge, did you think you had beaten Corey or not?

I was hoping because it took so long to review. I was hoping that it was in my favor. That was like the longest 20 minutes of my life. He was so far away from me so I really had no idea. I couldn’t judge how we compared.

We never got a chance to see your strategy. Whom did you want to work with and who were your targets?

My strategy was to be that liked older guy who didn’t pose a physical threat to more of the athletic people. I wanted to be that person people could confide in. When it was time, I would have shown my athletic ability. That was one of my strategies but it could have changed once I got to know people and find out what they were about. I would have targeted Victor and Corey because of their physical abilities. The challenges are so physical in the beginning.

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