Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images; C Flanigan/Getty Images

Jared Leto’s pranskter antics while playing the infamously twisted Joker in Suicide Squad have been well documented. His costars haven’t retaliated against his diabolical “gifts” thus far, but Leto may not be in the clear just yet: Viola Davis has her pepper spray at the ready.

In a new interview with E News!, the How To Get Away With Murder headliner said she was less than pleased with the box of bullets Leto sent her while on set for the upcoming comic book adaption.

“It was a little worrisome. It made you a little bit nervous and I’m pretty tough. You know I got into a few fights when I was growing up…but it scared me a little bit,” Davis said.

The actress added that she only really “met” Leto after filming ended, because he stayed in character on set. “Before that I was only introduced to The Joker…and I almost had my pepper spray out. You know, ‘You remember that bullet you sent me?'” Davis said.

While in character as the Joker, Leto gifted cast members like Will Smith and Margot Robbie with a number of presents including anal beads, used condoms, a dead pig, and pornographic magazines. Davis, who plays government official Amanda Waller, previously said she hadn’t received any of actor’s bizarre offerings.

“He gave very interesting gifts,” Davis told E! in April. “I did not receive any personally, or else I would have got my husband — who was called ‘Headache Ball’ back in the day when he played football — and I would have said, ‘Take care of the Joker.’”

Suicide Squad hits theaters Aug. 5. Watch Davis talk about Leto in the interview below.