Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

Blake Lively obviously isn’t letting pregnancy affect her style sense in a negative way — in fact, she’s completely embracing it, as evidenced by her head-turning recent ensembles at Cannes.

“It’s fun to dress up in a big sparkly number and a Cinderella-looking dress,” the 28-year-old expectant star of the thriller The Shallows told PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle exclusively for The Jess Cagle Interview video series.

“I came home to my baby [18-month-old daughter James] and she was like, ‘Wow.’ You know, because you just look like a Disney movie,” Lively says. “It’s fun to get to do that. Because when you’re a little girl you play dress-up, and now I get to do it in big-girl life too.

“There are lots of variables these days, but [it’s] fun to dress [under] the circumstances,” she adds with a laugh.

Cagle also compliments the actress on being “the most beautiful person on Earth,” which she replies to graciously with a laugh.

“You should see me when I wake up!” she jokes, humbly attributing her put-together facade to those who spend time “making [her] look cute.”

“But this is not real life. I don’t normally wear feather numbers with cashmere sweatshirts,” she continues, admitting that while her experience with being seen as a style icon is “nerve-wracking and weird,” she won’t pretend she doesn’t feel lucky and that it isn’t ridiculously fun too.

Cagle mentions that the former Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star and wife of Ryan Reynolds does all of her own styling, which she confirms but confesses she doesn’t understand why it’s seen as such a big deal.

“Everybody in the world does all their own styling. They wake up in the morning and put their own clothes on themselves. It’s not that different,” she notes, adding that since she’s lucky to have access to a ton of great designers — something she thinks gives her an advantage — what she does is “way less impressive” than it might seem.

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