Bradley Whitford, Josh Malina, Richard Schiff, Aaron Sorkin, and more talk what made the show work

The Bartlet administration’s legacy continues to carry on. During the ATX Festival’s 10th series finale anniversary reunion of NBC’s celebrated political drama The West Wing, creator Aaron Sorkin and cast members sat down with EW to talk the show’s lasting impact and message.

As Sorkin puts it, The West Wing has resonated past its 10-year-old airdate because of TV’s digital landscape. “Thanks to Netflix, it’s not that the show has had a longer life; it’s that the show has been completely born again,” he says. “College kids [and] high school kids are watching the show like it’s brand new.” The series also worked because of a combination of earnest characters and a cast who didn’t look like glossy-magazine-cover-ready stars, Sorkin adds: “It made a different kind of character sexy on television,” he explains, while Josh Malina, who played Will, playfully points at Bradley Whitford, who played Josh, on Sorkin’s other side.

Check out the video above for more insight from cast members like Janel Moloney (a.k.a. Donna), Dulé Hill (a.k.a. Charlie), and Richard Schiff (a.k.a. Toby), who take a look back on when they knew the show would work.

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