HankMed's concluding on a happy note, but we'll still need some tissues.

By Amanda Bell
Updated February 09, 2017 at 05:21 PM EST
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Dr. Hank Lawson may be one of TV’s most excellent diagnosticians, but even though his keen eyes can spot a hidden symptom from outer space, he’s been almost completely blind in his search for true love over the past near-eight seasons of Royal Pains.

Everyone else in the HankMed crew has long been poised for their happy ending — Divya and Raj are united and expecting their first child together (fourth, overall), Evan and Paige have made a big leap towards that fertile crescent as well, and even Jeremiah recently met his ideal romantic match. Hank and his trusty old Saab, however, have been stuck in second gear for the duration of his time patching up all those ritzy Hamptonites, but the tide’s about to change. In EW’s exclusive chat at ATX Television Festival with the cast and executive producers of the USA medical dramedy, actor Mark Feuerstein teased that we can all look forward to Hank finally making some headway in the relationship department before the series is finished.

“What the writers have done so brilliantly in this final season is somehow manage to come full circle and perfectly advance and resolve each character’s storyline,” Feuerstein explained. “Jeremiah will find some resolve and hopefully love. Hank will find someone — hopefully the love of his life. Evan and Paige will resolve their family issues and they will hopefully find a family.”

Ending the series on such a high note, said Feuerstein, is both “sad and sweet” because it’s “the best job [he’s] ever had.”

If you’re starting to experience a sudden onset of gushy feelings, don’t worry. That’s a side effect of the close-knit familial vibes this show’s been working since the pilot, but that brotherly love wasn’t always the backbone of the show. “If you read the pilot that Andrew [Lenchewski] wrote for the show, originally it was Hank Lawson and Evan Waxman, his best friend,” Feuerstein said, remembering the pivotal change that happened when Paulo Costanzo was cast. “Because of these schnozzes, the hair … they made a change. Andrew made a brilliant change in the dynamic, and we became brothers, and it has made all the difference.”

Now, more than 100 episodes later, the Lawson brothers are gearing up to say goodbye to the HankMed faithful, and Costanzo, who portrays the much more mature Evan R. Lawson, joked that the only way the cast and crew can cope is to host impromptu “crying circles” as needed (a remedy that’s totally doctor-ordered, no doubt).

“The last day was just beautiful because we were all together, and I think we made such a strong family bond,” added Reshma Shetty, who’s watched her character Divya slowly but surely embrace her deserved place as a fellow M.D. “We had a special time, and it ended in a special way.”

“I have no doubt that our audience will be incredibly satisfied with the ending,” promised Feuerstein.

Royal Pains airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on USA.

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