Wednesday marks the 12-year anniversary of 'JoJo'
Credit: Blackground Records/Da Family


JoJo posted on Facebook Wednesday, celebrating the 12-year anniversary of her self-titled debut album, but unfortunately, the date was also tinged with animosity.

“To say I’m sad and frustrated that this album is no longer available on iTunes and Spotify because of my previous label is a massive freaking understatement,” the singer wrote. “That was such an important time in my life and set the foundation for the career I’m building brick my brick.”

JoJo, which featured the hit single “Leave (Get Out),” was released under the singer’s former label Blackground Records in 2004. After releasing her follow-up The High Road in 2006 under the same label, JoJo entered into a long legal battle with Blackground, which prevented her from releasing new music for nearly a decade.

Although JoJo was able to break free from Blackground last year and release new music with Atlantic Records, her old label still holds the rights to her first two albums.

See her full post below.

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