It has been announced that director Fede Alvarez’s Don’t Breathe, Jim Hosking’s The Greasy Strangler, and Darren Lyn Bousman’s Abattoir will all screen at this year’s Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival, which takes place in Chicago, Aug. 18-21. Other new films to be showcased at event include Beyond the Gates — about a VHS board game with evil powers — and Found Footage 3D, which is produced by Texas Chain Saw Massacre cowriter Kim Henkel and features Carter Roy, from last year’s apocalypse thriller, Refuge.

The festival will also present its inaugural “Groovy as Hell” award to writer-director Fred Dekker (Monster Squad, the upcoming The Predator) while Campbell himself will participate in a “Doug Benson Movie Interruption” of the Bruce-starring Army of Darkness.

“I’m thrilled to bring our annual horror festival back to the Windy City for the third year,” said Campbell in a statement. “There were some wicked cool flicks this year and we went after the cream of the crop. If you love all things horror, check out our lineup!”

More details about that lineup can be found at the Wizard World website.