LEGO, LEGO, I am one with the wind and sky

By Marc Snetiker
Updated June 21, 2016 at 12:50 AM EDT
Credit: Disney

You can’t spell “Let It Go” without LEGO so, realistically, we should have seen this coming.

Frozen is the newest Disney asset to receive a LEGO transformation in a new line of stories and consumer products set to debut as early as this summer, Disney announced Tuesday.

Frozen Northern Lights is an original story following the film’s five main characters (three human, one snowman, one reindeer) that will span a series of books and animated shorts featuring the characters reimagined as LEGO figures.

The film’s voice talent, including Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Josh Gad, will reprise their roles for the Disney Consumer Products line, which begins in July with the publication of Disney Frozen Northern Lights: Journey to the Lights via Random House. The novelization will also introduce a new protagonist named Little Rock.

That story will, in turn, be taken over by LEGO as four animated shorts will begin airing on Disney Channel this fall.

And there’s even more Frozen on the horizon after that. A new attraction opens in Florida’s Epcot Center on June 21; a TV special airs this holiday season on ABC; and a Broadway musical begins its pre-Broadway run in Denver in summer 2017.

Credit: Disney


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