By Joey Nolfi
Updated June 21, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

What’s the closest you can get to fully immersing yourself in the frigid, snow-covered world of Disney’s animated musical Frozen? Traveling to the sun-soaked locale of Orlando, Florida, of course, where Walt Disney World just opened its long-gestating Frozen Ever After boat ride.

The attraction is located in Epcot’s Norway pavilion, where a recently opened Frozen character meet-and-greet structure also resides. While Frozen Ever After is a new ride experience, its building has been around since 1988. The attraction is a revamped version of Epcot’s Maelstrom boat ride, which took visitors on a journey through recreations of the Nordic landscape, including mystic trolls and a polar bear. Maelstrom closed to the public in Oct. 2014, and construction on the Frozen ride began shortly thereafter.

The layout of Frozen Ever After is largely the same as Maelstrom’s, though it features entirely new special effects, lighting, and animatronic figures based on characters from Frozen. From the looks of the video above, Maelstrom’s signature backwards drop has been retained for Frozen Ever After, as Elsa seems to conjure a gust of icy wind that pushes riders down a chute.

Elsewhere at Disney World, visitors can experience a live retelling of Anna and Elsa’s story at the Hollywood Studios’ Frozen Sing-Along Celebration attraction. A similar stage production based on Frozen debuted on the west coast at Disneyland in May. As part of a multi-billion dollar expansion, Tokyo Disneyland previously announced a new Frozen-themed section of the park planned to open sometime in the future.

Watch Attraction Magazine‘s full ride-through video of the new Frozen Ever After attraction in the clip above.


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