The ladies of Litchfield know how to party!

Credit: KC Bailey/Netflix

Last week, the women of Litchfield Penitentiary broke out of their bunks and onto the red carpet for the New York premiere of Orange is the New Black’s highly anticipated fourth season.

Sneaking us along like contraband, new inmate Hapakuka, played by Jolene Purdy, captured incredible moments throughout the night on EW’s Snapchat!

Waking up in a blue unicorn onesie (it’s sort of like a prison jumpsuit, right?), Jolene chronicled her day in NYC, including getting glam despite the rain, a seriously bad-ass OITNB-themed manicure, and of course, red carpet highlights with her fellow inmates and creator Jenji Kohan.

If you haven’t already binged at least the first two episodes, don’t watch the video just yet… but if you have, get ready to see Jolene and her bunkmate in the cutest cell block selfie ever.

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