By Clark Collis
June 20, 2016 at 11:43 AM EDT

“Okay. You people sit tight, hold the fort, and keep the home fires burning. And if we’re not back by dawn… call the president.”

How weird and wonderful is John Carpenter’s 1986 martial arts action-comedy, Big Trouble in Little China? Weird and wonderful enough, it seems, that the Kurt Russell-starring extravaganza requires not one but two books detailing its production.

Last month, we gave you an exclusive sneak peek at authors Tara Bennett and Paul Terry’s The Official Making of Big Trouble in Little China, which will be published by BOOM! Studios in August. Now, we can reveal that the same writers have another book about the film, The Official Art of Big Trouble in Little China, coming out via the same house in November.

This companion volume boasts an array of never-before-seen images, including costume designs by Oscar nominee April Ferry; original set designs by production designer John J. Lloyd; original storyboard art by George Jensen; and development art from Funko’s Big Trouble series of collectibles. The Official Art of Big Trouble in Little China also features a foreword by Carpenter himself, an afterword by Big Trouble in Little China comic writer Eric Powell, a cover designed by Mondo’s Jay Shaw, and new interviews with cinematographer Dean Cundey, visual effects producer Richard Edlund, special makeup effects artist Steve Johnson, and legendary poster artist Drew Struzan, among others.

The Official Art of Big Trouble in Little China arrives in comic book stores Nov. 2 and in bookstores, Nov. 8. It is also available for pre-order from Amazon.

You can exclusively see that Jay Shaw-designed cover above and an excerpt from the book detailing the creation of the wardrobe worn by James Hong’s dreaded Lo Pan, below.

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