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Independence Day made it seem like Brent Spiner’s time as Dr. Brackish Okun was over and done. As we’ve already seen in the trailers for the sequel, he’s still alive — and now we know how: Fox released a documentary-style promo for Independence Day: Resurgence that takes us through the life and times of Dr. Okun.

Comparing Okun to such great minds as Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, and Albert Einsten, the video shows us the Area 51 scientist’s early years at the California Institute of Technology, his efforts in the first alien invasion, and that seemingly fatal alien encounter.

“Okun devoted his life to learning all he could about the alien technology, an understanding that would be instrumental in earth emerging victorious from the War of ’96,” the narrator explains. “Tragically, that victory wasn’t without a price as a vicious attack led to critical injuries that placed Okun in a coma, where he’s remained for the last 20 years. Now we hold out hope that this renowned genius isn’t done yet. He’s simply waiting to return. The earth might need a hero once again.”

Spoiler alert, he awakens.

Speaking with Yahoo Movies during CinemaCon earlier this year, Spiner recalled how “people jumped” to the conclusion that Dr. Okun was killed off. “They always jump to ‘You must be dead’ if you’re lying on the ground. But they’re wrong.”

You can see Spiner’s own resurgence when Independence Day: Resurgence drops into theaters June 24. Watch the Okun-centric promo above.

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