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For those who can’t get enough of the going-on in the small town of McCall, Idaho, Aaron Paul and Stephen Colbert bring you a segment called “Community Calendar.”

The Late Show sketch picks a location and details all the happenings in and around there. In the case of McCall, that means hiking from the Rite Aid parking lot, a dinner at a senior citizens center, meetings of the McCall Optimist Club, and bingo at the Idaho First Bank.

“Personally I can’t get enough of this town. In fact, I have to admit, I’m a McCall-holic,” Paul joked. “Seriously, I have a problem.”

Idaho wasn’t a random selection, though. Paul has a very personal connection to the state, which he explained more of in another segment of the CBS late-night show.

Also earlier in the episode, Paul told Colbert of his struggles as an actor before becoming a three-time Emmy winner. “Right before Breaking Bad I was just struggling to pay my rent,” he said. “I didn’t know when my next paycheck was coming, and I had to ask my family to help pay my bills, which is just so embarrassing.”

Now starring in comedy sketches with Colbert is just another day in the life of Aaron Paul.

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