Plus: James Franco gets weird(er)

By Ray Rahman
Updated June 17, 2016 at 09:15 PM EDT
Credit: Netflix

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Orange Is the New Black

Netflix, Friday, streaming

Your favorite, Crazy Eye-iest prison drama returns for season 4. But is Litchfield worth all the visitation hours? Read our review here to find out.


Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?

Lifetime, Saturday, 8 p.m.

Actor-producer James Franco reboots the campy 1996 TV movie, but with a twist: Tori Spelling, who was in the original, plays a mom whose daughter is dating a lesbian vampire. Crazy, right? A James Franco project without Seth Rogen in it!


The American West

AMC, Saturday, 10 p.m.

The reenactment-filled series covers the Wild West, including the tales of Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and more. Plus: It’s exec-produced by Robert Redford, who knows a thing or two about the genre. Watch an exclusive clip here.


The Tunnel

PBS, Sunday, 10:30 P.M.

The body of a French politician is found on the Chunnel’s U.K.-France border in this dark, politically trenchant procedural. Does the premise sounds vaguely familiar? Then perhaps you’ve seen the Swedish or American version (called The Bridge), and you know that the corpse’s bottom half belongs to a different person than its top. But either way, The Tunnel still delivers on its twists.