By Christopher Rosen
June 17, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Seth Meyers continued his fiery week of Late Night shows on Thursday, tackling gun control in a lengthy segment about the debate that has arisen around the country since a mass shooting at an Orlando, Florida gay nightclub left 49 people dead.

Using his Closer Look segment, Meyers focused on the recent 15-hour filibuster held by Connecticut senator Chris Murphy about the issue, and then relayed facts about the ease with which a person can buy a gun like the AR-15-style rifle that was used in the Orlando shooting.

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Showing footage from one news report, which featured a reporter buying an AR-15 rifle in just seven minutes, Meyers said, “It shouldn’t take the same amount of time to buy an assault weapon that it takes teenagers to stand in a closet and awkwardly stare at the ground.” Affecting the voice of a teen, he then joked, “Should we make out or should we go buy AR-15s and say we made out?”

Meyers also looked at gun shows, which often don’t even require a background check for perspective gun buyers. In a clip from a CNN report at a gun show, one of the sellers said he wouldn’t allow anyone with a dishonest face to buy one of his firearms.

“An honest face is all you need to get a gun,” Meyers said. “We better hope to God Betty White never joins ISIS.”

The host closed the segment by offering his own opinions on the gun control debate. “What’s clear is that anyone who buys any gun, no matter who they buy it from, should have to wait and go through a background check first, and you shouldn’t be able to buy an assault weapon at all … let alone seven minutes.”

Watch the full segment below.