'This is for you. This is for everyone. This is for the whole damn human race,' she told the crowd
Credit: Steve Jennings/WireImage

Melissa Etheridge released “Pulse” to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting and on Wednesday she debuted the song for a live audience during the filming of her episode for the live public television concert series Infinity Hall Live at the Warner Theater in Torrington, CT. The footage from that show is now available online.

“I’m going to do a song I just wrote. I just wrote this song,” said the Grammy winning artist. “Unfortunately, I don’t know how we look at it. It was based on the incredible, deep sadness and emotion I felt Sunday morning, when I woke up.” Referring to the tragedy in Orlando, the multi-talented artist had a mission with the song to spread healing over the situation. “This is for you. This is for everyone. This is for the whole damn human race.”

The heart-wrenching song includes lyrics like, “I am human, I am love, and my heartbeats in my blood/ Love will always win, underneath the skin. Everybody’s got a pulse.”

Etheridge ends the stirring performance by making her hands into the shape of a heart. See the full video below.

Fans can also catch the fifth season of Infinity Hall Live starting Saturday, July 8, on public television stations around the country, with a national premiere online.