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Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be at the top of the world now (one’s the host of late-night TV’s most popular show, the other an actor so popular people have earnestly asked him when he’s running for president) but no one was cool in high school. To prove it, Fallon and Johnson posed as high school prom attendees on Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show.

Despite being decked out in colorful tuxedoes, Fallon and Johnson could not overcome that classic high school boy nervousness when it came to talking to girls. Any time a girl approached them, they launched into “Ermahgerd” language. For instance, when one girl asked Johnson to slow dance, he freaked out and told Fallon he just got a “berner.” Fallon and Johnson then froze up talking about “berner alert” until the girl walked away.

Eventually, the pair found peace dancing by themselves (and even taking a prom picture together) without fear of girls or “Ermahgerd”-ing.

Watch the clip below.

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