Credit: Comedy Central

Amy Schumer is putting the “real” back in “reality television.” The comedienne teamed up with Bravo TV personality Andy Cohen to spoof the Real Housewives in a new sketch for Inside Amy Schumer.

The bit has everything you might expect from a reunion special: self-tanner gone wrong, eye rolling, statements like “my [fashion] line is coming out” and “check the tape,” and some housewife-on-housewife crime. The first clip is pretty much all Cohen making the “hello” rounds to everyone. “The hellos on reunion shows last for about a half-an-hour,” he says.

Schumer is joined by her sister and co-writer Kim Caramele, Bridget Everett from Trainwreck, and Greta Lee from Girls.

The drama really kicks off when Cohen confronts Schumer with a fan question asserting she says p—y too much on the show. “On my life, never, never have I ever said that word. On my life, on my children’s lives, on my children’s children’s lives, never have I said that word. That’s family, and you don’t do that to family,” she says.

Then comes the video evidence. Watch below.

Moral of the story, “Family is family.”

Inside Amy Schumer airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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