By Christian Holub
June 16, 2016 at 12:53 PM EDT
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Jimmy Fallon has made The Tonight Show his own with a combination of outrageous celebrity games and The Roots-backed music, but he’s not shy about acknowledging the show’s history. On Wednesday night, for example, he had predecessor Jay Leno on as a guest, and allowed Leno to “tag in” for some monologue jokes. 

This presidential election was basically made for Leno. The former host was able to fire off a bunch of Clinton jokes (“Last week in San Diego, Bill stopped to kiss a baby, which is usually okay, except the kid was breastfeeding at the time”) before launching into a rapid-fire “the economy is so bad” round. The economy is so bad, per Leno, that he saw Colonel Sanders eating at Hometown Buffet, Mafia guys at Olive Garden, and Utah polygamists with only one wife. At that point, Fallon jumped back in for one of his own: “The economy is so bad, my TV remote has a Menu button and a Dollar Menu button.”

Watch the clip below.

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