June 16, 2016 at 03:21 PM EDT

The Bundys won’t get back on the couch anytime soon.

In an interview with AOL BUILD, Married… With Children star Ed O’Neill said talk of a possible spin-off or reunion series was “finished” at this time.

“David Faustino pitched an idea to Sony about Bud moving back in the old house and being divorced and his ex-wife moves in, too, with his best friend and they’re struggling and Al and Peg are in Vegas — they won the lottery,” O’Neill revealed. “And that was the idea, but I think they hit some legal problems. People who have to sign off on it wouldn’t, so I don’t think that’s going to happen. And Katey [Sagal, who played Peg Bundy] and I would only have been able to do one or two a year because we’re contracted — well, she was, now I certainly am. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. But you never know.”

Last year, Faustino discussed the possible spin-off on a red carpet, claiming Sony was “excited” about the prospect (the studio later denied that any Married… With Children spin-off was actually in development).

Last month, Faustino again discussed the idea, saying he thought Netflix would be a good spot for any new series. “You could really have some fun there,” he said, while also referencing the “legal problems” O’Neill discussed as well. “If they can solve that issue, then it will probably happen,” Faustino added.

Married… With Children debuted on Fox in 1987 and ran for 11 seasons. The show helped launch the careers of O’Neill, Sagal, and Christina Applegate.

Watch O’Neill below.

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