Not sold on Maria Bamford’s new Netflix series Lady Dynamite yet? You will be after watching this infomercial for the show, premiering exclusively on EW.

In the incredibly tacky, incredibly wacky parody, Bamford — using a combination of her own voice and a deeper tone that pops up in the actual show when her character’s alter ego comes out — leads us through all the things that make the comedy great. “With this collection, you’ll go on an adventure that changes you for most of the rest of your life,” she promises. “Probably. Guaranteed.”

The show, created by Arrested Development showrunner Mitch Hurwitz and South Park writer Pam Brady, follows a fictional version of Bamford as she tries to rebuild her life following a mental breakdown sparked by her bipolar disorder. It’s set in three different timelines and features plenty of notable guest stars, ranging from Oscar winner Mira Sorvino to onetime Superman Dean Cain.

“See for yourself all the incredible humans Lady Dynamite has to offer,” Bamford teases in the infomercial. “From extremely famous comedians to strikingly handsome beefcakes, we’ve got it all.” Plus: Pugs. Lots of pugs.

Watch the clip above, and read Bamford’s insights on each episode in Lady Dynamite’s first season, which is streaming now on Netflix, here.

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