The pro wrestler struck serious poses on 'Maya & Marty'
Credit: NBC

John Cena is an athlete, actor, and television host, but if Tuesday’s episode of Maya & Marty is to be believed, his true calling is in the world of modeling. The pro wrestler struck some poses and nuzzled up with a puppy in a sketch about four firemen debating who would be the best calendar model.

After a call from the people putting together New York’s Sexiest Firemen Calendar, the station’s captain (Martin Short) and three firemen (Mikey Day, Kenan Thompson, and Cena) wonder who the calendar has selected to be their Mr. July. Hilariously, only Thompson’s character is able to state the obvious fact that Cena will be the one chosen. “Me? Yeah, right. Can you actually see this goofball being in the calendar?” Cena scoffs before striking a sultry pose. The model poses escalate to the point where he’s adorably snuggling with the station’s dalmation Pongo.

The sketch continues Cena’s recent interest in comedy, after standout featured roles in Trainwreck and Sisters last year.

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