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Indiana Jones isn’t going the way of Han Solo — at least not yet.

In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, director Steven Spielberg revealed that Harrison Ford’s swashbuckling archaeologist will definitely make it out of Indiana Jones 5 in one piece.

Asked about the long-in-the-works sequel, Spielberg said, “The one thing I will tell you is I’m not killing off Harrison at the end of it.”

Although Spielberg’s would-be spoiler isn’t terribly surprising, moviegoers did recently watch another of Ford’s iconic characters meet an untimely end after a splashy big-screen homecoming. (Han Solo will next be seen in a younger incarnation played by a new actor.)

If Spielberg is to be believed, no such shenanigans are in store for Indy 5. “I think this one is straight down the pike for the fans,” he said.

Ford, meanwhile, is ready to don his fedora and leather jacket again.

“I’m excited about it,” he told Jimmy Kimmel in March, shortly after the movie was officially announced. “The opportunity to work with Steven again, and the chance to revisit this character which has brought pleasure to so many people — not to mention me. It’s great fun to play this character, it’s great fun to work with Steven. I’m looking forward to it.”

The fifth Indiana Jones movie is scheduled to hit theaters July 19, 2019.

Read Spielberg’s full interview at THR.

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