By Christian Holub
Updated June 15, 2016 at 12:20 PM EDT
Credit: CBS

When George Lopez stopped by The Late Show on Tuesday, it didn’t take long before he and host Stephen Colbert started talking about the 2016 presidential election — and Lopez had some fiery things to say on the topic. The comedian kicked things off by looking back on the gradual end of Bernie Sanders’ bid for the Democratic nomination.

“It started as a burn — it might be a simmer,” Lopez said of the candidate’s campaign, which he once supported. “It’s hard not to like what he says … But now, he’s like that old man who won’t leave the party. I have an uncle at my house who won’t leave. It’s like that.”

Colbert then touched on former reality-show host and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The host asked Lopez if he could judge Trump “fairly” given the comedian’s Mexican-American heritage and the candidate’s desire to build a wall on the Mexico-U.S. border. Lopez skipped all that, choosing to ridicule Trump’s plan itself.

“He’s building a wall, but I’ve got news for everybody: We’ve got tunnels,” Lopez quipped.

Trump often defends his comments by saying Latinos “love him,” and that he’ll “do well” with them in the general election. Lopez took issue with that, as well.

“Trump says the Mexicans love me. Let me tell you, I’m Mexican, we don’t,” Lopez said. “Listen, if your picture isn’t on our TV or your image isn’t on a blanket on the wall, we don’t know you.”

Watch the clip below.

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