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Amy Schumer certainly isn’t shy when coming up with creative and hilarious ways to talk about the female reproductive system — her 2012 stand-up special leaned into this specialty with the name Mostly Sex Stuff — but it’s a bit more jarring when that colorful speech is coming from a gynecologist instead of a comedian.

In a sketch from last Thursday’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer, Schumer plays a version of herself during a gynelogical appointment. The bizarre thing is that her gynecologist, played by Missi Pyle, refuses to say “vagina” for some reason, instead opting to matter-of-factly use terms like “tuna taco,” “sausage wallet,” and an array of others. Schumer pleads with her to just say “vagina” to no avail, but when Schumer says the word “butt” the gynecologist begins projectile vomiting.

The sketch follows the same premise as a sketch from season 2 of Inside Amy Schumer called “The S**tter,” in which Pyle plays an interior designer that describes a toilet in numerous vulgar terms but then vomits when she hears the word “pee.”

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