Credit: Lucasfilms

What an incredible smell you’ve discovered.

European perfume company Lifestyle Perfumes released a new line of Star Wars-inspired perfumes and colognes this month, promising to help you smell like a galaxy far, far away. There are three different scents, each in a lightsaber-shaped bottle, making it the perfect thing to douse yourself in if you ever find yourself pushed down a garbage chute.

The two men’s colognes are each named “Empire” and “Jedi,” with the “Empire” fragrance promising to “cover you with an aura of masculinity and power” and “capture the dark side of the Force.” (So yeah, it sounds like the kind of thing Kylo Ren would love.) Meanwhile, the “Jedi” scent evokes “swaggering, fearless flair” with its “seductive blend of pink pepper” and “sensual notes of musk and sandalwood.”

The women’s perfume is called “Amidala,” and, according to the official description, “Amidala inspired this fragrance through her royal elegance as well as her strong, indomitable will. The elegant and sensual notes of vanilla, musk, and patchouli are complemented by a fruity top note of apple and tangerine and merges into a sovereign seductive aura for any situation by day and by night.”

Unfortunately, they’re only available in Europe, but you can read about all three scents (and see those awesome lightsaber bottles) at Lifestyle’s official site.