Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is taking fans into the world of Lucis in the new installment in the long-running fantasy franchise.

Just in time for E3, which began Tuesday in Los Angeles, SquareEnix and Stage 6 Films with Vertical Entertainment released another trailer, above, for the upcoming Final Fantasy motion-capture movie. The film will serve as a companion piece to the Final Fantasy XV game, with a story that takes place alongside the events of the game.

In the trailer, we learn King Regis (Sean Bean) rules Lucis with his son Prince Noctis. The empire of Niflheim has already started to move in on the King’s domain, determined to control of his kingdom. Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae (Lena Headey) is a captive of Niflheim and must marry Noctis as part of the empire’s plan to dominate the world. Using magic of the sacred Crystal, the elite soldiers of Lucis — known as the Kingsglaive — are the last line of defense between peace and the empire’s rule. Nyx (Aaron Paul) is forced to lead his fellow soldiers into battle in order to protect the kingdom.

SquareEnix has been known to expand its games into films as seen with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which takes place two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII. Kingsglaive will receive a limited theatrical release on Aug. 19, before possibly hitting Blu-ray and VOD.

Final Fantasy XV will be available on PS4 on Sept. 30.