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As Hamilton‘s Tony Awards haul proved this weekend, hip-hop remains one of America’s most vital and vibrant art forms. Often, however, its best songs aren’t suitable for young listeners, what with all the swearing, violence, and sex. To address this problem, Jimmy Kimmel recruited Ice Cube and a group of other rappers (Lil Jon, A$AP Rocky, ) to translate their best songs for kids, in full Kidz Bopstyle.

In this translation, Ice Cube’s “Good Day” became “Snow Day” (“and the snow runs deep, so deep”). After that, Lil Jon’s was up to turn his song “Get Low” into an ode to “Tetherball.” You know, “on the playground, hit the ball, let’s all play tetherball.” Ty Dolla Sign turned “Paranoid” into “Dirty Boy,” a poetic description of trying to get away from your mom giving you a bath.

All of these songs, however, seem to pale in comparison to the idea of turning A$AP Rocky’s “F—in’ Problems” and N.W.A.’s “F— Tha Police” into kid-friendly jingles. We can’t even write the full names of those songs on this very website. And yet, Rocky and Ice Cube pulled off the job hilariously. “Trucking Problems” had kids singing about big rocks instead of bad bitches, while “Hug Tha Police” had kids singing about friendship. Awww…

Watch the clip below.

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