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June 13, 2016 at 12:29 PM EDT

Music producer Tony Visconti, best known for working with David Bowie, came under fire this week when he called Adele’s voice “manipulated” in an interview with The Daily Star. He has now apologized for the comments.

“I’m sorry that what I said in regards to what’s being played on radio was misconstrued yet I cannot apologize for something taken the wrong way,” he told Billboard. “If Adele has taken my comments as offensive that was certainly not my intent. Adele has a great voice and it brings pleasure to millions.”

In his original comments, Visconti spoke about the state of music on the radio and said, “You turn the radio on and it’s fluff, you are listening to 90 percent computerized voices. We know Adele has a great voice but it’s even questionable if that is actually her voice or how much has been manipulated. We don’t know.”

Adele seemed to have heard the remarks and called out her critics while performing at a recent stop on her 25 tour. “Some d–head tried to say that my voice was not me on record,” she said to the crowd this weekend. “Dude, suck my d—.” Adele did not mention Visconti by name.

Her world tour continued on Sunday when she paid tribute to the 50 victims of the Orlando, Florida shooting by dedicating her show in Antwerp, Belgium to those who were killed in the attack on gay nightclub Pulse early Sunday morning. “I would like to start tonight by dedicating this entire show to everybody in Orlando at Pulse nightclub,” she said. “The LGBTQA community, they’re like my soulmates since I was really young, so I’m really moved by it.”

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