By Allison Sadlier
June 13, 2016 at 03:12 PM EDT

Ed O’Neill stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about their new journey under the sea in Finding Dory, but the host had another story she wanted to discuss: the time he met Britney Spears.

While the Modern Family actor was at LAX airport alone waiting for a flight to Hawaii in March 2015, a young woman approached him. “She came up and said, ‘Oh, Mr. O’Neill, I love Modern Family and you’re my favorite on the show,'” he recalled. “And I thought, ‘Well, I’m here. I’m the only one here.'”

She asked for a picture — “She couldn’t have been nicer,” O’Neill said — and they went their separate ways. O’Neill didn’t realize what had happened until he got a call from his manager asking him to explain how a picture of him and the pop star had thousands of likes on social media. “I didn’t know it was her. I mean, look at the look on my face: Do I look like I’m sitting with Britney Spears?!”


He later called Spears’ manager and apologized for being, as O’Neill’s daughter put it, “a moron.”

Check out the full interview below.