Creator Patrick Ness revealed the news after a vigil for Orlando massacre victims

By Adam Lujan
Updated June 13, 2016 at 10:30 PM EDT
Credit: Ray Burmiston/BBC America
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As the world reacts to the nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida, writer Patrick Ness has revealed his upcoming Doctor Who spin-off Class will feature a LGBT character in a lead role.

Little is known about the show’s characters – not even their names – but Ness (A Monster Calls) made an exception to the secrecy surrounding the series for special reason: The openly gay writer spent his Monday afternoon at a vigil for Orlando victims in Cardiff, Wales, where Class currently films. Inspired by the experience and fan queries about LGBT representation, Ness took to Twitter with the revelation.

“Been asked if Class will have LGBT representation in it,” he wrote. “Will a lead character with a boyfriend who he kisses & sleeps with & loves do?”

In a follow-up tweet, Ness explained, “We were keeping that secret, but today that secret doesn’t seem very important. #lovewins.”

Class, set to debut on BBC America this fall, follows four students at Coal Hill School who are grappling with the usual teenage woes: friends, love, sex, parents, school, and the occasional alien monster hell-bent on destroying Earth. Led by Katherine Kelly (Mr. Selfridge, Happy Valley) as the mysterious teacher Miss Quill, the cast will be comprised of newcomers Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins, and Vivian Oparah as the alien-fighting foursome.

It remains to be seen whether the unnamed LGBT character will be played by Greg Austin or Fady Elsayed, but Ness promises an exciting adventure ahead for Class.

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