By Christopher Rosen
June 10, 2016 at 03:21 PM EDT
Mark Seliger

When tattoos go too far? On Thursday’s episode of Conan, actor John C. Reilly brought along a photograph sent to him by a friend, featuring what might be the most aggressive Step Brothers tattoo ever conceived.

“I thought [this] was one step too far — personally, for me,” Reilly said to host Conan O’Brien before showing the picture: a bottomless man with tattoos of Reilly and Step Brothers costar Will Ferrell on his respective butt cheeks.

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“The only thing that comes between me and Will, these days, is the usual sh–,” Reilly joked, adding he “just thought of that punchline just now.”

Reilly added that fans have come up to him in the past and mentioned tattoos. One woman asked him to autograph her arm, which he did, and then excitedly told the actor she was going right to the tattoo parlor to get permanent ink.

“I was like, ‘Please wait 24 hours. Just please wait,'” Reilly said. It’s advice he didn’t have a chance to pass onto the Step Brothers dude. Alas.