'Orange is not the new black,' Obama quips in reference to Donald Trump
Credit: NBC

With just a few months left of his eight-year term, President Obama kicked off a farewell tour of sorts with a return to The Tonight Show Thursday. This wasn’t the contemplative nostalgia of something like George Washington’s Hamilton farewell song “One Last Time,” at least not yet; there are still too many Donald Trump jokes to make.

As part of the show’s “Slow Jam the News” segment, Obama actually made perhaps one of the best Trump jokes to date. When host Jimmy Fallon asked if Obama had watched recent election coverage on Trump, the president responded, “No, but I have been watching my new favorite show, Orange Is Not the New Black.” Zing!

As usual, Obama used the opportunity to defend his policy record. He reiterated points about solving the recession, introducing health care reform, and overseeing the passage of same-sex marriage. Except this time, Obama also threw in a few bars from Rihanna’s “Work.”

Interestingly, the president now enjoys one of his highest-ever approval ratings. Obama thanked viewers and citizens for giving him two terms, but emphasized there would never be a third, and not just because of Constitutional restrictions. “Besides, daddy’s got a Hawaiian vacation booked in about 223 days,” he said. “But who’s counting?”

Check out the clip above.

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