By Nick Romano
Updated June 10, 2016 at 02:33 PM EDT

Nick Jonas will never get over Shay Mitchell — not after their steamy “Under You” music video. After teasing fans with footage of his hot-and-heavy affair with the Pretty Little Liars star, Jonas dropped the full video on Tidal Friday.

“You know I couldn’t drop a new album without a new video too,” Jonas wrote on Instagram to mark the release. The “Under You” video shows the singer driving through the rain to see Mitchell before angrily trashing her room. The two then have a tantalizing make-up session in the shower.

Tidal subscribers can watch the video below, while non-members will only be able to catch a 30-second preview.

Mitchell told Teen Vogue she came off a stunt-heavy shoot for Pretty Little Liars shortly before filming the music video. “They had to keep coming into the shower to cover up the bruises because I was bruised all over,” she said. “So I go from Emily, to, you know, Nick’s girl in this video.”

The video for “Under You,” off of Jonas’ album Last Year Was Complicated, is available now to watch on Tidal.