Credit: The Graham Norton Show via YouTube

Jeff Goldblum has starred in many famous movies, but a number of his fans are more familiar with seeing the actor on a computer screen instead of a movie screen. For whatever reason, Goldblum has been the face of a number of memes, and he stopped by The Graham Norton Show to check a few of them out.

Norton first showed Goldblum a wide-eyed photo of the actor with “Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop” written under it, and then various shots of Goldblum’s face photoshopped onto flowers. But of course, the pièce de résistance is the famous photo of Goldblum lying down shirtless in Jurassic Park, which has become so beloved that it has even been turned into an oil painting.

Goldblum revealed that he’s very familiar with how the photograph has been played with online — when Norton pulled up a doctored image of Goldblum’s Jurassic Park costar Sam Neill rubbing his chest in the photo, Goldblum even went a step further to inform Norton there’s a GIF of that image.

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“There’s a video, you know, so you see me breathing and he’s going up and down,” Goldblum said. He then added, “I love Sam Neill. I haven’t seen him in years; I’d love to run into him.”

And if you were still unconvinced of Jeff Goldblum’s unparalleled literacy in bizarre Internet trends, just check out this wonderful Vine:

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