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The ultimate 'Minions' destination is now Ossian, Indiana

June 10, 2016 at 08:19 PM EDT

Here’s something real: a farm silo painted like a Minion.

Cathy Stark and her family in rural Ossian, Indiana decided to add a little color to their uniquely shaped silo. Standing 25-feet tall, the silo is now bright yellow with googly eyes and dons a large pair of denim suspenders. That’s right, the silo is now a giant Minion.

“The farmers told me I’m the talk of the county,” Stark said in an interview with WANE-TV, which you can see above. The fame of their gargantuan animated character has reached farther than expected. “We’ve had low flying helicopters,” quipped the Ossian native. “We had a guy come by on his lawn mower that lived in Decatur, pulling his wife and his kid in a cart.”

The entire project took two days and 14 gallons of paint to complete.

“There are some finishing touches that Cathy plans to add,” states the reporter. “Including some eye glasses and a hat.”

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