Beers and EW editor Henry Goldblatt discussed Shonda Rhimes' hit shows and more at ATX

By Lynette Rice
February 09, 2017 at 12:33 PM EST

No amount of vodka, tequila or red wine could get Betsy Beers to admit which of her Shondaland heroines she’d like to marry or kill — but she did reveal which male character she’d take to bed if push came to shove! EW’s own Henry Goldblatt asked Shondaland uber-producer Betsy Beers to throw back three drinks while revealing a few secrets about her very successful day job overseeing ABC’s biggest hits. Here are seven:

How Betsy met Shonda Rhimes: “It was in 2002 and I was working for Mark Gordon just starting to get into TV. We were looking at writers who wanted to develop TV shows with us. Shonda was looking for a producer to produce her shows. We almost immediately got along. We are very different; she is from the Midwest; I’m from New York. She is quiet, very intelligent; I’m not quiet at all. We hit it off.”

What current comedy does she wish was a Shondaland joint: “I love Master of None. That’s a show I really wish we made.”

The actor she’d most like to build a show around: “George Clooney would be really great!”

Her favorite Shondaland cliffhanger: There are two: the season 2 finale of Scandal when Olivia says “dad” to Papa Pope, and the season 1 cliffhanger of Grey’s Anatomy when Addison asks whether Meredith is the one “screwing” her husband.


What are the sets like on Shondaland shows: Beers says Scandal is very funny, Grey’s Anatomy is very efficient, and How to Get Away with Murder is very intense. “They are so often dealing with intense courtroom scenes and lots of death,” she said. “I felt sorry for Tom Verica. He spent three quarters of the season lying in a pool of blood.”

What guest star made her star struck: William Daniels. “I loved him so much on St. Elsewhere.”

If she had to choose among Abby, Cyrus, and Huck on Scandal, who would she marry, kill, and f—: “I’d marry Abby, f— Huck and kill Cyrus.”

If she had to choose among Annalise, Olivia, and Meredith, who would she marry, kill, and f—: Sadly, she abstained.

Check out the full panel below:

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