By Christian Holub
Updated June 09, 2016 at 01:04 PM EDT
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After this week’s primaries, Hillary Clinton scored enough pledged delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, shattering historical barriers to become the first female nominee by one of America’s major political parties. To mark the occasion, Seth Meyers took time on Late Night Wednesday to both commemorate Clinton’s achievement and look back at Bernie Sanders’ unexpected success.

Perhaps predictably, they both come back to Donald Trump. Meyers discussed the sexism Clinton has faced throughout ther campaign, most noticeably in the form of commentators complaining about her tone of voice. That includes Trump, now officially Clinton’s opponent in the general election this fall, who once talked about how he’ll have to get used to Clinton’s tone.

“You have to get used to her voice? How do you think the rest of us are coping with your voice?” Meyers said, flabbergasted. “Not only is it loud, it’s on TV all the time. My internal thoughts aren’t even in my voice anymore.”

Meyers also reflected on Sanders’ insurgent candidacy. Although it ended in defeat, there was a long journey from initial media dismissiveness about the Sanders campaign to polls showing the long-independent Vermont senator “moving a generation to the left.” Sanders’ unexpected appeal to young voters shattered several assumptions about demographics. In Meyers’ words, “He’s 73, he looks 91, and he appeals to 18-year-olds. He’s like the answer to a sphinx’s riddle.”

But there looms Trump again, because in this year of all years, not even Sanders’ success is the craziest thing of the campaign season.

“So regardless of what happens next, it’s worth remembering Bernie accomplished something most thought impossible when he started,” Meyers said. “Which is why, when it comes to candidates doing better than you thought they would, Bernie Sanders finishes a distant f—ing second.”

Watch the clip below.

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