By Kevin P. Sullivan
Updated June 09, 2016 at 05:18 PM EDT

Over the course of a year, USA’s Mr. Robot went from an unknown show on the “blue skies” network to being recognized as one of the most narratively and visually daring drama series on television. During that lightning-fast rise, star Rami Malek, creator Sam Esmail, and fsociety, the hacking collective at the heart of Mr. Robot‘s revolutionary story, made a few stops along the way, including the Golden Globes, the Peabodys, and now the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

As a part of our Summer TV Preview, EW gained exclusive access to the set, stars, and creator of Mr. Robot to download as many secrets as we could for the highly anticipated second season, which premieres July 13 at 10 p.m. ET.

Off the bat, Esmail wants fans to know that he sees the second season as a very different beast from season one. The world-changing events of season one would be pretty difficult to ignore after all. Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) and fsociety managed to hack Evil Corp, instantly erasing debt and toppling (if only temporarily) the biggest corporation in the world.

As a self-described geek, Esmail draws a parallel to one of geekdom’s essential texts. “The first act of Star Wars is a lot about set-up and character introductions,” he says. “The second part is Luke loses his aunt and uncle, and he no longer has a home. He now has to go on this journey to find his place in the world. That’s sort of where Elliot’s at right now.”

Malek has a slightly less nuanced way of describing his character’s mental state as season two picks up: “He’s pretty psychologically f—ed when we start.” And Malek isn’t joking. Having come face-to-face with his paternal delusions in the form of Christian Slater’s Mr. Robot, Elliot has run away from his problems — to his mother’s house, where he lives a tech-free life in hopes of digitally hogtying his worse half.

To get the full data dump on everything we know about Mr. Robot season two, pick up the newest issue out Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday, or buy one here – and subscribe now for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW.


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