The site also contains full episodes, GIF collections, and an official 'Key and Peele' dictionary
Credit: Comedy Central

Sometimes you just need someone to look you in the eye and, with the knowing tone of a true confidant, tell you: “I said, biiiiiiiitch.” Now you always can: Comedy Central has launched a comprehensive online archive for Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s much-missed sketch series Key & Peele.

The new site, which can be found at (among other places — more on that later), bills itself as “the authoritatively and unequivocally complete K&P destination.” And they’re not kidding around: The site boasts every single moment from the comedy’s years-long long run — that’s more than 300 sketches, including 176 that were previously unavailable online. Additionally, fans can access and enjoy full episodes, social media-ready GIFs, sharable memes, and an official “Key & Peele Dictionary,” complete with illustrations and audio files.

“Fans constantly ask us when new online content is coming,” Key and Peele said of the new site, “and we’re really excited to announce it’s finally here.”


As mentioned earlier, the full site can be accessed via — but that’s not the only way to get there. As a sly Easter egg for fans, you’ll also be able to reach the archive via,,,, and dozens of other inside-joke URLs.

In other words, it’s sorta like Netflix, if Netflix had a lot less Adam Sandler and way more Wendell. Noice.

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