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Credit: AMC

Hell on Wheels begins its stretch of its final seven episodes Saturday, but AMC will soften the blow with a non-fictional look at the Wild West.

The American West is an eight-part docuseries tracking the United States after the Civil War. The new limited-run show focuses on the 25-year stretch from 1865 to 1890 when the country evolved from its dense East Coast population and how a move west “gave all Americans a new start.”

“Just the excitement and the challenge of uncharted territory,” executive producer Robert Redford says in an exclusive clip, “that’s a little of the American way.”

The show will dig into some of the biggest cowboys, outlaws, and Native American figures from the era, such as Jesse James and Crazy Horse. Redford, James Caan, and other stars of popular Western movies also give their insight into the expansive land.

“It’s the whole idea of opportunity, looking for another life,” adds Danny Glover, who starred in 1985’s Silverado.

See the clip above. The American West debuts Saturday at 10 p.m. ET on AMC, right after Hell on Wheels.