She loves bread

By Christopher Rosen
Updated June 08, 2016 at 11:55 AM EDT

Maya Rudolph’s legendary SNL impersonation of Oprah Winfrey made its way to Maya & Marty on Monday night. The variety show cohost dusted off her Oprah for a pair of spoof Weight Watchers commercials focused on how much Winfrey loves bread.

“I love bread! I have bread every day, and on Weight Watchers plan, it’s okay. Because I’m talking about bread, y’all,” Rudolph’s Winfrey says in the first spot, urging viewers to look under their seats to find bread.

Later, Winfrey rechristens her bedroom as a “breadroom,” because everything inside is made of bread. There are also bread statutes, the season’s must-have for bread enthusiasts like Winfrey.

Watch the sketch below.