June 08, 2016 at 03:31 PM EDT

“Got the rose pink-tinted lenses, it’s a Wednesday” isn’t just a lyric in Drake’s recently released “4PM in Calabasas“; it’s a lifestyle.

In a new series of Instagram photos — posted on, yes, Wednesday — the rapper dons pink aviator sunglasses while further embodying his new track, which he debuted this past weekend. Let’s analyze all the references.

Here are the sunglasses and jersey Drake sports in each of the three photos. He’s also drinking what appears to be a glass of rosé — helpfully indicated by the rose emoji he uses in the caption — alluding to the lyric, “My summer diet is just rosé and calamari.” Weirdly, there is no calamari in sight.

Drake has finished his glass of rosé, so he put it on the hood of his fancy car while he scowls before it. Although he mentions a Ferrari in the song, the car he stands in front of does not appear to be one — instead, it looks like a Rolls Royce, the same kind of car he previously stood next to in Views promotional photo

The third and final photo features Drake emerging from a set of stairs as a dog (who looks like the husky he’s posted about before) trails behind him. The back of his cotton candy-colored jersey reads “Pogba,” as in Paul Pogba, a French soccer player who currently plays for Italy’s Juventus. The shot also features a rock displaying “OVO,” a.k.a. Drake’s record label, revealing that this has all probably just been an ad for the OVO Sound Radio show that airs every other Saturday on Beats 1 and where “4PM in Calabasas” first premiered. And it all comes full circle.

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