Credit: Joyce Kim

For the new comedy-drama Swiss Army Man (out June 24), Daniel Radcliffe agreed to play a flatulent corpse named Manny who is befriended by Paul Dano’s shipwrecked Hank. The obvious question: why did the Harry Potter star agree to do that?

“It was an incredibly fun thing to take one,” says Radcliffe. “As an actor, you read so many scripts, and so many of them are the same script. Suddenly, you see a logline which says, ‘A suicidal man befriends a corpse, who then convinces him that life is worth living,’ and you know that you’re being offered the corpse, that is something incredibly exciting. It’s a testament to the Daniels (Swiss Army Man directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) that they can take an idea like that and they have so much imagination, and humor, and kindness. That’s the thing. It’s a deeply compassionate film full of love for humanity and human weirdness. It’s so their vision and so unapologetically their vision. I just think some people, when they see it, are just going to love it.”

You can see the trailer for Swiss Army Man, below.

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Swiss Army Man
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